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QList< DictCore::Dictionary > QStarDict::DictCore::availableDicts (  )  const

Returns a list of available dictionaries. The first item in pair is a plugin name, the second item in pair is a dictionary name.

Definition at line 148 of file dictcore.cpp.

References QStarDict::DictPlugin::availableDicts(), and plugin().

Referenced by loadSettings().

    QList<Dictionary> result;
    for (QHash<QString, QPluginLoader*>::const_iterator i = m_plugins.begin(); i != m_plugins.end(); ++i)
        DictPlugin *plugin = qobject_cast<DictPlugin*>((*i)->instance());
        QStringList dicts = plugin->availableDicts();
        for (QStringList::const_iterator j = dicts.begin(); j != dicts.end(); ++j)
            result << Dictionary(i.key(), *j);
    return result;

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