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QStarDict::DictPlugin Class Reference

#include <dictplugin.h>

Inherited by StarDict, and Web.

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Detailed Description

This is a base class for all dictionary plugins classes.

Definition at line 34 of file dictplugin.h.

Public Types

enum  Feature { None = 0x00, SearchSimilar = 0x01, SettingsDialog = 0x02 }

Public Member Functions

virtual QStringList authors () const =0
virtual QStringList availableDicts () const =0
virtual QString description () const =0
virtual DictInfo dictInfo (const QString &dict)=0
virtual int execSettingsDialog (QWidget *parent=0)
virtual Features features () const
virtual QStringList findSimilarWords (const QString &dict, const QString &word)
virtual bool isTranslatable (const QString &dict, const QString &word)=0
virtual QStringList loadedDicts () const =0
virtual QString name () const =0
virtual void setLoadedDicts (const QStringList &loadedDicts)=0
virtual Translation translate (const QString &dict, const QString &word)=0
virtual QString version () const =0
virtual ~DictPlugin ()

Protected Member Functions

QString workPath () const


class  DictInfo
class  Translation

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